"Poor, angry little god." - Far Light

All Lupinetooth wanted was power.

No cost was too great, in his mind. Born in the Southernslopes and driven out, he decided to use the superstitious lot of the rest of the island to further his goals. To be listened to. There seemed to be tens of gods, hundreds of legends, who would notice if he invented just one more?

And oh, for a while, he had it all. An abandoned ancient structure, a made-up deity, a detailed doctrine. Cats to listen to his every word, to hurry to fulfill every command. Lupinetooth had it. He was powerful.

And power calls.

There is always something a little more powerful than yourself, and Lupinetooth came face to face with it. With its howling madness, born of the very change Lupinetooth swore to enact. There is something new let loose in the world now, not that Lupinetooth can really know it, locked in his Adaptation as he is.




Indigo-violet spotted torbie with mid white

Edit List

[nr] accessories

[c] whiskers, eye shape, pupil, sclera color, ear tufts, ear placement

[uc] muzzle edit, round ears, mid fur edit

[r] unnatural coloring


Helleth - Affectionate. Fearful.

Quicksnare - Trusting, ex-right hand man.

Mouse-ear - Neutral to positive. Someone to manipulate.

Xericstorm - Neutral to positive. Someone to manipulate.

Snapdragon - Child, used to dote on him.

King - Child, currently missing.