"Dangerous religion, and all we have left to learn. Empty within, empty without, surrounded and estranged." - Simple Death

When Mouse-ear was a kit, all they wanted was to be listened to. Wanted someone to look them in the eyes, say, "you're right, we can live better than this. We don't have to be so isolated." So when someone did, Mouse-ear went with him and never looked back.

They probably should have. They definitely should have. They should have left sooner—but they were young at the time, and the others seemed to think it was fine, and they didn't want to disturb the ever-fragile peace. And then it all happened at once, and they were forced to flee, to hide these new.... Adaptations.

Mouse-ear, frightened with the knowledge of what they had done, what they had unleased, terrified that Lupinetooth would hunt them down, fled to the only thing that scared them more. The Imbroglio. And there it was prepared to hide forever, dodging constructs and attempting to live a quiet life despite its new alterations, if not for the four children it found huddled under an awning, more scared than it.

...So now they only have to dodge constructs, hide from Lupinetooth and whatever he unleashed into their world, figure out their new adaptations, and raise four children, all on their own, despite being barely an adult themself.




Blue mink point with low white

Edit List

[nr] claws

[c] whiskers, ear placement

[uc] round ears, long tail, unnatural eye color, heterochromia


Lupinetooth - Negative. Still utterly terrified of him.

Calamityrain - Eeby deeby

Marshmurmur - Eeby deeby

Pipskip - Eeby deeby

Sunscale - Eeby deeby