"here are echos of you in this valley, that was your adaptation. you left your body behind and turned into mist and song and shadow" - Adaptation

There is a ghost haunting the Basin Desert. Something that looks like a cat, from afar, silhouetted by the rays of the dying sun or in the silvery light of the moon. Some poor, lost young thing up far on that ridge, someone to bring home from the dark. It isn't until one gets close that they see the tusks, the horns, the strange bony growths, and turn tail, and run. There are far too many things out in the desert who can pretend to be a cat.

But Xericstorm is a cat. An ex-member of Lupinetooth's group, changed, along with the rest. When the group scattered, Xericstorm found safety in the desolate isolation of the Basin Desert. Xer tusks a blessing from a newly-formed god, one of the few to truly prefer xer newly Adapted form. Xericstorm always had trouble protecting xemself—something that's not a problem anymore.




Chocolate classic tabby with high white

Edit List

[nr] scars, claws, accessory, expression

[c] whiskers, teeth, eye shape, sclera color, ear placement, pointed ears, sleek tail, min fur edit


Lupinetooth - Negative. Avoids thinking about him in any way shape or form.

Quicksnare - Positive. Vaguely looking for her, considered her to be a parental figure.