"If you wanna be free, don't think about me. Don't you look in my eyes, don't you hang around me no more." - Be Free

Singingbug is one of the few cats on the island to call the Basin Desert home year-round, through both blazing summer days and near-frozen winter nights. He, and his younger companion Asphodelsong, can be found roaming the desert, always willing to stop for a quick chat and a story or two.

He lost his eye quite a few years ago. Stuck in the Northern Jungle for reasons he won't elaborate on, he stumbled across an injured and ill strider and accidentally managed to befriend it, though it was not an easy journey. His strider, Cholla, is his best friend and near-constant companion, and the two are never far apart from one another.

He speaks with a drawl and his whiskers are always crooked.




Lilac silver candle flame tabby with low topaz white

Edit List

[nr] expression, accessories, scars, claws, missing eye

[c] whiskers, fangs, eye shape



Gossamerfur - Neutral to negative. Thinks Gossamerfur is a prick.