"It's a beautiful night for a bloodbath, well, darlin' dance with me." - Femme Fatale

Gossamerfur is the most wizened cowpoke roaming the Basin Desert. Strong and furious, covering her near-transparent fur with a cloak and hat, she takes no nonsense from anyone and refuses to ever put herself in a situation where she doesn't have some measure of control. She would, quite frankly, rather die.

Thankfully, most folk recognize and acknowledge her expertise. That, and she doesn't stick around folks long enough for personalities to clash.

There is one, cat, though, who keeps getting on her nerves and refuses to quit.

Singingbug, that absolute prick. Nevermind that they used to get along perfectly well together, and that Gossamerfur, at one point, considered him to be her partner in crime. She can't stand him, now. Shame, considering how determined he is to be her own personal problem.




Lilac silver spotted chinchilla lykoi with high white

Edit List

[nr] accessories, expression, claws, scars

[c] ear tufts, eye shape, whiskers, tooth, ear placement

[uc] muzzle, unnatural eye color, heterochromia

[r] max fur, kinked tail, unnatural fur color


Singingbug - Neutral to negative, divorced couple.

Asphodelsong - Neutral to positive. Thinks Asphodelsong is a naive kid.