"here we are, standing alone. across the current lies a vast desert expanse, unfathomable, unreachable. the beacons of fire that danced joyfully in the wind have ceased. i stood there, watching a sun rise, illuminating the remnants of what was in their place. i have to look away. i can't look away." - Traitor's Lament (Aftermath)

Prairiemist was born to Glassgaze and Rambleheart deep within the depths of the Fissure. She grew with the warmth of the depths in her heart and pelt, something deep within echoing in her soul.




Chocolate golden mackerel lynx point with mid white

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[c] ear tufts, tongue


Firewalker - Beloved, partner for life.

Rambleheart - Father, ran away.

Glassgaze - Father, ran away.