"Then you're done in by the flame." - Firewalker with Me

Firewalker was born within the Southernslopes, a place shielded from the rays of the End, where curses and monsters and gods and blessings stay far away. As a result, the cats of the Southernslopes are a highly superstitious lot, highly vigilant against anything "outside the norm." So when Firewalker was born with a fire in their lungs and sparks flying in their wake, it didn't take long for their family to kick them out. It didn't matter how much they loved them, or that they left a twin behind, only that they were cursed.

Only—as they began to wander, to find a place to call their own, they learned that wasn't true. That on the rest of the island they were considered blessed, not cursed, one gifted with the sacred tradition to keep the night bonfires lit. They met others like them, though Firewalker's flames always seemed brightest.

When they met Prairiemist, it was all over. She was the one to give them their name, she left her family behind to build a home for just the two of them, far off in the mountains where no one could hurt them ever again.

Shame about what happened to all they left behind.




Red-black mackerel torbie with low white

Edit List

[nr] scars, accessory

[c] black sclera, ear tufts

[uc] medium fur edits


Prairiemist - Beloved, partner for life.