"Like maybe I'm not born to die, but to bring darkness to the sky, and pull that goddamn sun down any way I can." - Blood of Angels

Moonburn was born and raised in one of the few close-knit groups living on Enurian—the Soulsingers, a handful of priests following a religion with no name, trained in the art of calling souls back from the winds of the afterlife. Eons ago, they made a deal with their patron deity to be able to briefly pull souls both dead and not-yet-born out of the space in-between, to speak to them for a brief moment. This event is extremely taxing and must be performed in a very specific manner, and so they are very picky with who they choose will join them. . They guard their secrets close to their chest, guarding the dead from those who seek more than they can withstand.

She was a prodigy among the Soulsingers, and quickly flew through the lessons her elders had to teach her. Quick-witted and bright, she managed to wrestle out nearly all the knowledge the Soulsingers had from a very young age. Soon, she was attempting her final lesson—to bring someone's soul back from the dead for a short time, just enough for a conversation.

Somehow, the cat she chose came back completely and utterly, panicked, and killed one of the prominent leaders of the Soulsingers before fleeing. Moonburn went rogue, also attacking and killing several members of the group in an attempt to become the only Soulsinger, before going missing.

Her current morals are unknown.




Dominant white

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[nr] accessories

[c] eyelashes, longer whiskers, pointy ears, sleek tail, sclera color

[r] max fur edit


Deadringer - Affectionate. Thinks Deadringer's situation is funny.