"Someday I will sleep, the gods my soul to keep, and pray that I never again emerge from six feet deep." - dead ringer

It's been many years since the scourge of the Basin Desert's untimely demise. Deadringer once roamed the hills and valleys of the great desert with his two partners, Softear and Missingeye, striking fear into the heart of fellow travelers and vagabonds. Details of his death are largely unknown, legend shifting and pulling the story until it's unclear who betrayed who, if any, only that it ended with Deadringer in the ground and his two partners left behind to pick up the pieces.

And yet, despite that, his name is still whispered on the wind with fear, shadows of his ghost flickering on the horizon, eyes now painted in flames of white and a star now embossed on his forehead.

A wayward soulsinger, over-confident in her trial, pulled him and his soul up and out of the ground again, forcing him out of the afterlife and back into the waking world. Cursed to be unable to leave again, trapped here in a world that's gone on without him, devoid of his two reasons of living, setting everyone he touches aflame, Deadringer wanders throughout the desert hunting for a purpose, and running from those who trapped him back here in the first place.




Black-based charcoal braided sunshine tabby with low white

Edit List

[nr] weight, expression, scar

[c] whiskers, eye shape, sclera colour, ear tufts, ear placement

[uc] med fur edit, muzzle edit

[r] tall ears, bob tail

[m] reverse munchkinism


Moonburn - Actively hostile, hates her with all his heart.

Softear - Affectionate, longing. Misses them a lot.

Missingeye - Affectionate, longing. Misses him a lot.