"I bow to the hound with the mightiest jaw. Baby, let's get down, I wanna bark like a god" - Bark Like a God

Houndkeeper had been a quarrier all his life. Roaming the streets of the Imbroglio, managing to come out (mostly) unharmed each time. He wears his graymuzzle status with pride—most lifelong quarriers don't make it to proper adulthood, much less elderhood. Even fewer are the elders who still continue to delve, and Houndkeeper navigates the Deep with the skill and precision acquired after decades spent in this abandoned labyrinth.

Those days aren't behind him, sure, but Houndkeeper has a new project that's captured his attention. Instrument. Something to be honed and trained. Something that the discovery of reshaped Houndkeeper's self so drastically, it required him to take on a new name.

They always said constructs were intelligent.

Time to see how true that really is.




Blue smoke with low white

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[nr] companion

[c] min fur, pointy ears


Instrument - Positive. Houndkeeper's current project.