"Make my eyes a little wider, your hands amaze me still." - Stay

In the center of the island the cats call home, deep beneath the desert sands, there grows a tree.

The cavern is large enough that the cats do not have words for the measurements required to comprehend its scale. From bedrock grows this impossible tree, bark shimmering gold-silver even in the eternal darkness of the cavern, strange black leaves dripping with ichor. The branches curl upwards, digging into the rock above, curling and weaving among sandstone and granite until they disappear from sight.

And living within this cavern is a bizarre creature—a cat, more goat-like than feline, with cloven paws and sickle horns.

Eolwyn is the guardian of the world tree, a strange, lilting creature, the manifestation of the tree itself. It is the last line of defense against anything that would seek to harm the tree (and thus, the island). The tree must be hidden, the tree must be guarded, and so, Eolwyn has never known the sky, the stars, the grass. All it knows is the sand that filters down from above, and the whispering of its ward in an unfelt breeze.

That was, until something else came crashing down from above.




Black smoke ghost ticked tabby / blue bimetallic classic tabby with low white chimera, with age-related graying

Edit List

[nr] weight edits, accessories (unnatural item), expression, missing eyes

[c] whiskers, teeth, ear placement

[uc] muzzle edits, round ears, short ears, long tail

[r] max fur, folded ear

[m] chimera


Bearberry - Affectionate. Doesn't understand mortals but loves this one.