"I used to think I was scared of you leaving me, now i'm afraid you'll die here, stuck in the city." - From My Bed in the North

Burningheather was born on the Southernslopes, the one place on the island both protected from the End and shielded from the Imbroglio. Cats there are raised more superstitious than most, preferring to live in larger groups than the rest of their kin on the island and more willing to kick out any they deem "dangerous." When Burningheather's siblings eventually ran towards the Imbroglio, ze turned and ran the opposite direction—north, towards the desert.

There, ze met a small group living around the Eternal Sun, including two cats who especially piqued hir interest. Ze settled down with them and started a family, raising two kits with them, Fennelbloom and Dunefrost.

Occasionally, hir siblings will try to visit. Ze wants nothing to do with them, afraid that ze will grow close with them again only to lose them to the Imbroglio.




Cinnamon-red smoke spotted ghost sepia point tortie with low white

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Honeybreeze - Partners.

Lilytooth - Partners.

Fennelbloom - Child, somewhat distant

Dunefrost - Child, somewhat distant.

Sagerustle - Adopted sibling. Not on speaking terms.

Bumblerush - Sibling. Not on speaking terms.