"The thunder breeds a peace, unholy beast please don't spare me." - Open Flame

Bumblerush is a lifelong quarrier, a cat who roams the Imbroglio in search of fame, riches, glory, or refuge. Mostly, though, in spite of her choice in career, she doesn't actually care about the Imbroglio all that much. Rather, she only delves as a companion to her sister, Sagerustle, in an effort to keep her safe. She often philosophizes and rambles in her travel log, and occasionally enjoys writing poetry.

She and her siblings were born on the Southernslopes, rare for quarriers, much less lifelong ones. Her mother used to whisper stories of the quarriers to her and her littermates, and as far as she can tell, she's the only one out of the three who remembers this.




Cinnamon spotted caliby mink point with high white

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[c] min fur, ear tufts, eyelashes, fangs


Sagerustle - Adopted sibling. Close, travel partners.

Burningheather - Sibling, used to be close but are distant now.