"You were the first to show a bird its feathers. You were the one to gift a bird its voice." - Will of This Heart

Those who pay close attention to Stainedthread may notice a small bird always perched nearby. A cheerful and bright little thing, always quick with a song and intelligent enough to seem like it's responding when Stainedthread talks to it. Those who pay extra close attention to the two may earn an introduction—that the tiny bird is Juniperberry, Stainedthread's familiar.

Two-part names towards non-cats is forbidden, in the cat's culture.

Juniperberry was a cat, once. A lifetime ago. Who she was before, how she became to be a bird, much less an oracle's familiar—who's to say. She certainly can't, and prying anything out of Stainedthread is like prying sea from the salt. She seems happy, though, always singing around and hopping about, free to do as she pleases (though, most of the time, she's content to simply sit on her oracle's shoulder).




Silver/magenta barred ticked torbie with low white

Edit List

[nr] expression, scars

[c] eye shape, colored sclera, tooth, whiskers

[uc[ round ears, mid fur, unnatural eye color

[r] bob tail, unnatural fur color


Stainedthread - Affectionate. She is Stainedthread's.