"Under perfection I woke, as you protected your home." - Trying to Sleep

It is unclear how Gravedigger—Jerboahop, as xe was once known—came to live solely within the Imbroglio. It's been so long, xe can no longer recall exactly how it came about. Had xer parents left xem to the whims of the ancient city? Had xe fallen into the Rift Lake, the currents carrying xem to the shore? Was xe the child of a quarrier who had lost their life within?

Gravedigger has lived xer entire life within the twisting labyrinth of the Imbroglio, and survived.

Surviving has not left xem unscathed. Far from it—though Gravedigger appears physically unscathed, something else has taken root in xer head. The city has chosen Gravedigger, whispering and singing to xem through the artificial days and endless nights. With every year that passes, the city and Gravedigger become more and more hopelessly intertwined. Leaving the Imbroglio would most likely kill xem.

Xe enacts the will of the city. Its will is xer own, and wayward quarriers may occasionally see the ghost of a brown cat in the shadows of the distance.




Chocolate marbled tabby with low white

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[c] ear tufts, pointy ears


Dawnscript - Neutral to intrigued. Sees them as an encroacher to its home.