"for forgiveness for wanting new skin, for wanting a body i'd fit in" - Penance

Fermi is the youngest god in a long and varied pantheon. The youngest child, still stumbling around, still child enough to roam around those mortals he was born with.

As the god of liminality, of existing in a space in-between, it is only right that Fermi will never fit into anything. Demigod of of the places in-between. Of cats stuck in strange shadow worlds, of strangers, of the nameless. His body is something in-between ancient and modern, more adapted for a life of swimming than the mortals around him now, but unable to make the currents of the ocean his home. Only part-god, only part-cat, not enough of either to claim them. Eternally and distinctly representing things stuck between options.

Still settling into divinehood, Fermi is the most commonly seen deity roaming around the island, and is mostly just wandering around the island fumbling into interactions and adventures without the slightest clue of what he is doing. Out of all the god, it is easiest to fall into divine favor with Fermi, but his blessings are distinctly uncomfortable for most cats. (Being unable to chose a name, unable to solidly become anything, eternally existing as a state of unbecoming.)




Chocolate ticked tabby

Edit List

[nr] animal companion

[c] whiskers, ear placement, ear tufts, teeth

[uc] small ears, round ears, long tail

[r] max fur


Rushara - Affectionate to annoyed, Fermi considers Rushara to be his mother. (Even though the two are unrelated)