"I drank the blood of angels from a bottle." - Blood of Angels

When he was still young, barely considered more than a kitten to most, he came across a crumpled figure in the desert. A heap of flesh and feather and sinew, still breathing though every breath sounded like the hiss of a dying brushfire. And despite himself, he crept forwards, staring down at the shifting figure of something unknowable, undefinable. Something ancient, now dying.

He tells those who ask that it was a parting gift bestowed upon him. Or a trophy pried out of it, earned by his own two paws. Depends on who he's trying to impress. But the truth of the matter is this;

He only lied.

It wasn't even a clever lie. Something about knowing where a secret stash of medicine was, not being able to run there in time. Something the creature would have easily been able to tell was a lieā€”and yet. And yet and yet and yet.

The creature must be dead by now, or else Falconcall would have been hunted down for his insolence, the gall of him to lie to such a beast. Either way, he thinks it's worth it. To be the only cat to have touched the skies...




Chocolate rosette tabby bicolour

Edit List

[nr] claws, accessory

[c] min fur, pupil edit, pointed ears


Everstumble - Affectionate. Considers Everstumble to be his silly little guy.

Shopkeeper - Affectionate. Something like long-distance partners.