"What was the point of being adored?"

"There will come a kit, mottled with colors of sand and sky, kissed by a star."

Breadcrumb was born into the world with the weight of a prophecy on their shoulders and the expectation of a thousand watching eyes on them. From before they could even speak, their parents were regaling them with stories—grandiose tales in which Breadcrumb would save the world, be adored, have everything they could ever wish for. Anything they could dream of would be theirs, their prize for being a hero, from saving the island and the cat's way of life from certain doom.

A single missaid word shattered the illusion, and Breadcrumb's world. They had never been told the full prophecy—it and its many other variations. That the price they would pay to keep the island from changing would be their own death.

And so they ran away, stealing the tapestry embroidered with the story of their own future death on it to use as a makeshift cloak. Breadcrumb never asked to be a hero, and so they won't be, living the rest of their days roaming the island, an eternal traveler. No matter how much fate keeps knocking at their door.




Red charcoal rosette tabby with low white and a blue-ginger mutation

Edit List

[nr] accessories, scars, expression

[c] ear tufts, eye shape, tooth, ear placement

[uc] round ears, short ears

[r] max fur, unnatural fur color, curled tail

[m] blue-ginger mutation


Astonishment - sed quia consequuntur magni dolores eos qui ratione.